Friday, February 8, 2008

Crispy cranberry tart

About cranberry--Don't skip on sugar, or the tartness would blow up your mouth!
Cranberry has become my favorite fruit. You can control the sweet level precisely depending on your mood, and they can revive your appetite in a second!
Tired of sticky, gooey cranberry pie/sauce, I found this crispy cranberry tart quite catchy.

The secret is to dust cranberries with confectioners' sugar and then freeze them. I also added Chrysanthemums because it has a cooling effect on the body (a traditional chinese therapy).

I got some pink cranberries too. They were stunningly beautiful without the white sleepwear~

Yep, there is no need to defrost the cranberries. Just bake them in 375F oven for 15 minutes, the skin should be quite crispy, and the inside should just start to pop.
I made a tart shell using Pierre Herme's recipe.

Spread some whipped cream on top.. Haha, I was watching my diet. You should certainly use pastry cream.

Arrange the baked cranberries on top. And it's done!

Believe me, it's prettier than the picture! The trick to get a perfect tart shell (they are very fragile!), is to put the tart pan on top of a wide-mouth jar, and gently push down the outer ring.

Time to dig in~~

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