Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Desserts From Yesterday

Several months ago, I got into "sugar fever". I made so many desserts that my boyfriend(ex) back then was very worried about my weight! Luckily, this fever finally faded, and after working out for a while, I was totally back! :)
My photographing skill sucked, so I can only recall from my memory what they really look like, and taste like. But I can tell you, those are very sweet, very happy memories.. well worth the extra pounds.
Pineapple cheese cake with almond crust and tortoise jelly

The black layer is turtoise jelly, a very unique chinese herb (not from turtles!)
Pair this cheesecake with purple yam cream... I was in heaven!

Purple yam cheese cake with champaign grapes and almond honey crust

Bubble eggs with cactus fruit

They are so light that you can only taste the taste, but you can't bite into anything!

Crepes with black sticky rice and peaches

It looks like peony to me.

Blue potatoes with papayas, dragon fruit and black rice

Flex seed pumpkin harvest cake

I had this huge cake for a whole week!


Cynthia said...

Young lady! You have been cooking and baking up a storm. All of it looks delish. The eggs look so light and airy.

cheese puff said...

Hi, Cynthia, welcome back!! I wish I had the recipes written down at that time. I was just experimenting and playing with whatever I had on hand. You are right! The eggs are really light and airy, and it's a breeze to make too! The theory is to whip the egg whites to soft peak, and quickly mix very hot pastry cream in. So the egg whites are cooked in a very short time and the bubbles are trapped in! I got the idea from Pierre Herme. He made a multi-layer dessert with this bubble egg as one single layer. Honestly, I didn't have the energy to duplicate the whole thing~ :)