Thursday, March 20, 2008

St Petersburg--an orange city

I have never seen a city so proud of their specialty fruit like St Petersburg!! Everywhere I went, I saw oranges. In my hotel, they provided free oranges and orange mint water for the guests, and the mamalade is of course orange too!
This restaurant is called "Tangerine",and they really mean it--orange decor, orange napkins, and oranges in every dish!

My appetizer was tapenade with oranges. Emm, they were really good with bread sticks!

The main course was seafood skewers with oranges. The scallops were huge, almost the size of my palm, and they were super fresh. That is sooo memorable!

I had my lunch at "Banbu", a restaurant with an interesting concept. You choose your own ingredients and sauces, they only cook it. You really can't complain if you choose the wrong sauce for your food! Luckily mine turned out great.

They have a big and impressive stadium-like cooking center. Their chef was kind enough to let me take pictures.

I couldn't believe that I only spent $10 for lunch (tips included). A great deal!

I tried the fresh catch at the pier, but their chef was terrible--they can even make the freshest swordfish taste like "s**t". In order to cheer myself up, I ordered a crepe suzette at a french cafe. Amazing! Their chef even poured the flaming Grand Marnier on the crepe right in front of me. Quite a performance! I didn't have a chance to catch that, but I did have a photo of their beautiful ice tea--simple but very elegant.

At the beautiful beach, we chose a very popular restaurant--Hurricane. But their food is just OK. I guess American people don't really care about the delicate balance of food here.
The black liquid is Mexican coffee, made with tequila and coffe liquer. Very bitter and strong.

Another funny thing is, the sushi chef at a Japanese restaurant recommended " Atomic Bomb Roll " to me! I guess he didn't really know much about the history. :)
I also went to many bars with my friends. One of them specialize in tapas. They are just OK, but the purpose of going to bars is to get drunk, right? So no complain and no pictures( too dark in the bars). I am happy~
St Petersburg is indeed a good place to relax. But I am not old yet. :) I still like the vibe in philly and I am glad that I am back!

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